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Connecting dots is one of my favourite things. I love when new meaning emerges from seeing things in a new light.

In my coaching business, we work with a communication process called Think Feel Know. The premise is that we all process information differently and tend to have a primary preference for how we interact with others. Of course, I want this grounded in neurophysiology and it maps nicely to how our brains actually operate. The “triune brain” describes the forebrain, mid-brain, and hindbrain as follows:

The forebrain is the cortex where most of our “thinking” takes place. It is the largest part of the brain and newest in evolutionary terms.
The mid-brain or mammalian brain includes the limbic system, which is our “alert” system that reacts much more quickly than conscious thought to protect us from potential dangers. This is also the “centre” of emotions, although feelings are really a very distributed process throughout the whole body.
The hindbrain or reptilian brain connects to automatic control of vital functions and relates to our “gut instinct”.
Recently, my reading and research connected me back to Stephen Porges, developer of the Polyvagal Theory. I first started studying his work about 12 years ago as I sought deeper understanding of the mechanisms of gentle manual therapy so I was thrilled to connect the dots again. The Vagus Nerve is also known as the wandering nerve as it meanders from the brain stem to the neck muscles, voice box, lungs, heart, and deep into the guts.

Fascinating really! Especially for those skeptical of a mind-body connection, it does not get much clearer than this. So, why is this important? 80% of this nerve is sensory so it is absolutely essential for creating greater body awareness which has a huge influence on all aspects of your life.

Here’s a quick rundown on the Polyvagal theory, the body’s stress response, and even our ability to love.

The autonomic nervous system “controls” automatic functions in the body. It is generally divided in two and, in simple terms, the sympathetic nervous system speeds things up as part of the stress response and the parasympathetic nervous system slows things down as part of the relaxation response. Of course, nothing in the body is ever this straightforward and simple. The Vagus Nerve plays a huge role in parasympathetic function, including influencing cardiac function. It modulates heart rate by acting as a bit of a brake. Rather than needing to go into full fight or flight mode in order to be mobilized for action, energy can be elevated by easing off the brake.

Imagine public speaking. Instead of the racing heart, sweaty palms, and knocking knees, that often accompanies a fearful occasion, enhanced “vagal tone” enables you to engage more without a full-on stress response. Interestingly, the nerve is also connected to other cranial nerves and is important for influencing facial expressions, eye contact, and tone of voice…all essential aspects of connection, engagement, and love. Further, it is closely related to the hormone oxytocin which is essential for bonding and well-being and is a key component of the neurobiology of relationships.

Suffice it to say, that what happens in Vagus does not stay in Vagus…it impacts almost everything in your life.

Next, we’ll look at how you can influence this to control stress, improve connection to your self and others, and enhance communication and relationships.


How to get rid of gas and bloating ?


Gas and bloating is defined as being a gastrointestinal problem which can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain. In many situations it can also cause a significant amount of embarrassment as a result of the accompanying odor that gets passed through your anal cavity. Fortunately however, there are several simple, yet effective things you can do to alleviate this problem. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some lifestyle/dietary changes and home remedies you can utilize to get rid of gas and bloating.

1) Massage Your Abdomen
Bloating itself, occurs when there is a build up of gas within the intestines. This in itself can cause you to feel a great deal of pressure. To alleviate this pressure, one effective thing you can do is to massage your abdomen. This will cause the muscles which are in charge of supporting your bladder and intestines to remove excess air from your intestinal tract. In order for you to do this, place your hands over the left or ride side of your torso and move it in a circular motion.

2) Ginger
If you want an all herbal approach, this is for you. Ginger is a very common herb which is available at practically every grocery store and is inexpensive as well. However, what’s so interesting about ginger is that it contains numerous ingredients and compounds which can help to relax the muscle in the intestines as well as to reduce inflammation of the intestines such as shogoals and gingerols. In order for you to extract gingerols and shogoals from the ginger itself, you can make ginger tea. In order for you to do this, simple place 5-6 slices of ginger into a coffee mug and poor 8oz of boiling water into it. Once you have done this, let it sit for about 10 minutes and add 3-4 spoons of sugar. Ideally for a more flavorful tea, try adding honey as well. It’s also worth noting that drinking it periodically throughout the day, can help to prevent bloating and gas. Ginger is also great for curing infantigo , read here.

3) Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea is regarded as being the ideal tea to consume whenever someone experiences the cold or common flu. However, it can help to alleviate bloating as well. This is due to the fact that it contains menthol. The consumption of it can help to mitigate pain due to the fact that menthol has an antispasmodic effect on the muscles within the digestive tract. You can buy peppermint tea bags at your local grocery store or you can order them online. Peppermint is awesome for curing hemorrhoids. Awesome idea!

4) Take A Brief Walk 15 Minute Walk
Even though it may not seem like it at first glance, walking is one of the most effective ways to get rid of gas and bloating. This is because the physical action of walking actually helps air pockets go through your digestive tract more efficiently which will help your body to get rid of gas more effectively than you would’ve, if you sat in the sofa.

5) Breathing Techniques
ThWhenever people experience gas or bloating, the level of pain and discomfort they feel causes a certain degree of stress. Interestingly enough, this stress can actually accelerate bloating or in other words prolong it. This is due to the fact that anxiety and stress causes the body to release cortisol and adrenaline which stimulate the body’s digestive system. This stimulation within the gastrointestinal tract, can actually trigger the production of even more gas. It can also help and pain you feel on the left side. As such, by practicing deep breathing and relaxation techniques it can help to manage stress, as well as prevent your body’s gas level from rising. One thing you can do is to inhale for ten seconds and to exhale for another 10 seconds over a time span of 2 minutes.

My South America  Travel


I think South America is the world’s most amazing continent. It has everything the average tourist is looking for and the best terms; Excellent food, stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, natural phenomena created by the wonderful scenery, beautiful trails and kind people to help you get to know the countries in South America best.

I flew to South America with Konksiin Spain extended the duration of the flight and leaves his backpack on the way … eventually I got and backpack … a few days after …

The trip began in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beaches … name of the game; Copacabana Beach, a white sand beach which is amazing. Adjacent to the stunning Ipanema Beach, just do not believe.

Rio de Janeiro There are two key observations: Corcovado – a famous tourist site where the statue of Jesus is with an amazing view of the city and the Mount of sugar – further observation, with a breathtaking sight of the city.

Rio de Janeiro went up north coastline towards Porto Seguro and Ariel de Ajodha, amazing resort sits on a peninsula. If freedom Storage – where is Ariel de Ajodha. A quiet place, wrapped in a calm, beaches, dining and night – parties. Skiers among us, I recommend to go a little north to a small village called Ita Kara, a village primarily active users around surfing. Village four stunning beaches, which provide everything needed to get to a tourist and leave a professional surfer, and if you arrived there, look for the invisible shore … worth every minute.

If you came to South America around February, the carnival, I would recommend to go to Salvador and celebrate the carnival – a mad ecstasy of a whole week. Celebration every night until the morning and then another day and another day and another day like this for a whole week without sleep too much, but worth every second of sleep you lost. Quantities of people, happiness and joy for the locals this one-time experience not see everywhere. One week they forget all the troubles and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Until one carnival experience what losers do not understand. duty!

Salvador I went to Argentina, connecting countries has incredible natural treasure called Iguazu Falls. Worth seeing them from the Brazilian then Argentine side. Brazilian side looks nice but the Argentine direction, just look amazing power of water during the rainy season breathtaking. From there I went to Buenos Aires.

If there is one city where God decided to put all that is good, then it is in Buenos Aires, the Kingdom of football, tango and steaks. Everything you do there is an experience; Starting from tours around the city and the markets of the weekend, to travel the beautiful neighborhoods such as Recoleta, where the cemetery glorious and famous of Argentina in which are buried the great nation Argentine and among others, Eva Peron, second wife of Argentine President Juan Peron, known as Evita, graves the cemetery is very impressive and incredible size and beauty. The site is very respectable and worth a visit. On weekends, right near the exit of the cemetery there is the famous market of Recoleta. Market artists nice and cheap. To visit River and Boca, the famous football stadium, worship Armand Diego Maradona and tour the picturesque harbor. Argentines know how to live, food in Buenos Aires is a sight delicious – the meat in Argentina exists only in Argentina; Professionalism action, soft flesh, and, affordable, just unbelievable. Even nightlife in Buenos Aires are something not skip it. You will see locals partying in clubs in South America that know what is a good reason!

Buenos Aires, dramatic small town called Bariloche. Argentina’s Chocolate Kingdom. The city boasts high-quality chocolate factories where, factory outlets and an experiential journey into the world of chocolate. In the winter season it is customary to leave to go skiing in the nearby mountains and the city is full of travelers shops, good restaurants and of course, amazing desserts.

Chocolate from the fire continued to head south to Israel, the southernmost region of Argentina, until I reached Ushuaia – the southernmost city in the world, from where trips to Antarctica. The city itself nice and attractive patrols around the snow-capped peaks and penguins.

On my visit Fuego decided it was time to encode, I went back through Chile, country tracks and attractions. Trak central Chile’s most recognized del Paine called a torus. Track the number of days around the stunning views, huge glaciers and of course the torus pages reddening dawn.

More in Chile, must not miss the H”krhon crashing “, Perito Moreno glacier huge occasionally fall away huge portions – an amazing sight. Perito Moreno continued to encrypt to Pucon. A city full of attractions that include; Abseiling, bungee jumping, cycling or climbing a volcano Hoiarikh and other attractions that will leave you there for a week at least.

Pocono went back to Argentina and went north to Cordoba, Argentina’s young city. All the important educational institutions are there so many students in the city. Worth a visit. Cordoba north to Mendoza, where I enjoyed fine wine and salsa and went way north, Bolivia.